Half Door Brewing Company

multi-level bar

9th + Island

903-915 Island Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

  • Conversion of a duplex in East Village to a multi-level Bar
  • Ground up development of a separate building for a 10 barrel
  • +/- 5,500 sf project size on 3,150 sf of land
  • 100% occupancy
  • Development rights of up to 25,000 sf
  • One block from Petco Park with Views into the park from the

The property that started it all! Creative House founder and owner Douglas Hamm had his very first meeting in the Real Estate business at this former house in late 2006 fresh out of college. While the meeting was to learn about a completely different real estate opportunity, the moment he stepped inside he knew he needed to figure out how to buy this house.

Built in 1906, the house was originally a single family home that was converted into a duplex in the early 1920’s. At the time DH first visited, it was being used as make-shift real estate office and 2 story residence with onsite parking. But DH knew the prime corner location one block from Petco Park had so much more potential than what it was being used for. With virtually no money in his pocket and the property not even on the market at the time, DH tracked down the owner and started the negotiations. It took 3 years to make a deal, but eventually he did and it paid off.

After living the dream in such a unique and well located house for a few amazing years with his Wife Lara and dog Franky, the ultimate plan was realized when Creative House signed a lease with Half Door Brewing Company and converted the property into a 2 story multi-million dollar brew pub.


Project Status: Open and Operating

Visit halfdoorbrewing.com for more info.