About Us

Creative House Project is: A project, investment or development that deviates beyond what is normally expected.

At it’s core, Creative House is commercial real estate driven with a high emphasis on urban projects; but we also have an eye for opportunity and are not afraid to capitalize on other asset classes if the right opportunity presents itself. At Creative House there are no rules, we’re trying to build something great.


Douglas Hamm, President

The CH Manifesto

Thomas Edison once said, “discontent is the first necessity of progress.”

Creative House was born from discontent. To put it bluntly, we are sick of seeing a bunch of bland, boring, cookie cutter, third party investor return driven, uninspired bs built all over our beautiful city we call home. It’s time we, as Thomas Edison put it, progress and create projects that are worthy of our natural environment and the discerning citizens who live here.

Creative House does not rely on investors; we rely on our own capital and thus our own vision – which is much more than purely financial (in fact, we usually think about the financial side of the equation last). First and foremost, we look for opportunities to make an impact, to do something different, to be creative, to change the landscape of our built environment from boring to anything but, to improve the neighborhoods we invest in and do so in a unique and meaningful way; this is what drives us each and every day, this is what we call progress.